Tips to Avoid Paid Surveys Scam

One easy way to earn money online is answering paid surveys. A lot of people started working from home and online surveys are one of the most popular picks for job seekers because of its almost effortless and convenient way to earn money. However, because of its popularity, fraudulent scams became more common and reports of its victims have increased dramatically.

So what can you do to protect yourself from paid surveys scams?

Finding a genuine paid survey site to work for is not always easy. There are lots of paid surveys scams out there. If the publicity about online surveys that may seem too good to be true, you should start asking questions. Proposals that advertise big rewards for small investments of money or even time are examples.

It’s easy to fall into the trap if you don’t have enough knowledge about online paid surveys.

Here are the ways can help you determine if you are dealing with a valid paid survey site or just another scam.

* Check with the BBB complaints.

It is one of the best ways to find out if the paid survey site is real and legitimate. Always remember that just because there is no complaint against a survey site, it doesn’t mean that those who have conducted business with the site are completely satisfied. It is possible that no one has yet reported to the BBB regarding a particular scam complaint. Sometimes, people who have used the site haven’t had the chance to testify or submit a report.

* Read forums about online scams like the ones on or

These great online sites and forums are steadfast to expose scams. It is here where members who think they’ve been fooled by online surveys scam talk about their experience with different sites. But, be aware that scammers use these forum sites to promote their own. Some messages are posted to deceive people pretending that they will help those victims. Their main reason is only to profit from proposing brilliant opportunities that are never true. As soon as you read a good comment about a paid survey site, ask questions first before you register.

* Beware of replacements.

Paid survey scam sites mostly use substitutes to register their sites. This is one way to hide their real contact information. You need to find out whether the online site is using a replacement or not. A site is up to no good if it registered using only a substitute.

* Get credible suggestions from forums.

They are a great source for separating genuine paid survey sites such as Harris Poll Canada from paid surveys scam.

Being aware and cautious about paid surveys scams are always helpful to protect yourself. You should be wise to do some research first before trying to register in the specific site. Furthermore, you must consider the consequences of paid surveys scam before thinking of doing online surveys as the means to make some extra income.

Always bear in mind that not everything that sounds good are true.