Paid Surveys for Teens

Paid Surveys for Teens, which is will be your #1 source for the best tips and tricks about making money with paid teen surveys online. While I am not a teenager any more, I was when I first started getting cash from survey sites. You wouldn’t believe how long I struggled with trying to make some decent cash. Thinking back, I would say it took me a good 2 years before I finally figured out how to squeeze past all of the horrible paying websites out there, because there are so many of them.

I had to do my own research and go through tons of trial and error before i really realized where I was going and how to spot the best paid surveys for teens online. You won’t have to go through that, though. Unless you really want to, but I don’t think you want to find out the tricks of the trade for yourself, do you? If you don’t, keep on reading, because this page is filled with my personal tips to ensure that you’re finding the absolute best paid surveys for teens online for making cash. Every teenager can benefit from just a couple of the tips I have in store.

Tip #1 – You’ll want to keep away from any and all teenager survey websites that want to charge you a fee to take their surveys. They are very misleading most of the time, too. They tell you that you can start doing teenager survey questionnaires once you sing up and give them your money, but 99% of these websites don’t even have a single survey! Do you know what they really do? They take your cash and give you some complied list of other websites that have paid surveys for teens that they think you should go to and attempt to earn cash online. That’s it. Their lists usually contain very good websites, but you could have found all of them for free without giving some website $40.00 for their list.

For instance, one of the biggest, best paying companies is Swagbucks. Click the banner below to join the fastest growing teen paid survey sites on the planet.

Cash Crate was my favorite websites as a teenager for earning cash, and it still is today.

With that said, notice that it’s 100% free. Every website you join should follow suit. That’s my first important tip, but I also have one more, which shouldn’t be taken lightly…

Tip #2 – Here is how you can insanely weed out any low paying, unworthy websites for taking teenager surveys: Look up and down their very front page, before you even attempt to sign up. This is going to save you so much time in the long run, all while sticking a lot more cash in your wallet. The reason you want to skim that front page is because you should see something at the top of bottom of the page. You should see some sort of contact information to get a hold of the people who own it and run it.

All of the legit, high paying teen pad survey sites out there will have prominent contact info. It might sound silly, but this is a sure fire way to pin point most of the great places. If they have contact info like email addresses and phone number, you can be pretty darn sure that they are in the top bracket when it comes to payments. If they don’t have any ways to contact them, well, let me just say that the chances aren’t good for them paying you good cash.

You see, the teenager websites that don’t put up their contact info and doing that for a very good reason. They know that they are underpaying everybody that takes surveys from them, and if they had their information there, they would get so many complaints that their head would spin The solution is to not allow people to contact them! It’s shady, but that’s what they do. The teen paid survey sites that allow anybody and everybody to get a hold of them are worth their weight in gold. They put their info right out in front, for everybody to see. They know that they pay good cash and are on top of their game They don’t mind if people ask questions over and over again. As an example, and my 2nd favorite teen paid survey site, click the banner below to go to CashCrate, which is another perfect example of one of the best paying surveys for teens.